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Hi people, I'm back to Blogspot! And you know what? I've deleted all my-unimportant-post and a post saying that I'm moving to Tumblr. Well, after playing it for about 5 days and got addicted (you know, posting this and posting that). I decided to tell stories and long talks, and more on Blogspot. Now instead of me being addicted to Tumblr, it's my friend, Riri that's addicted to tumblr now. Lawlll way to go switching places ;p

But do visit my Tumblr anyway guys! (binaxoxo.tumblr.com) and Don't forget to Follow. So... I'm back to blogspot =p


Anyways, back to the first topic.
I'm so excited about Gossip Girl Season 3! Well, even tho there's still only 3 episodes launched on CW channel (the 3rd episode just launched today). And that makes the DVD stores just launched 2 episodes from Gossip Girl.....for now. But I still can't wait for The Complete Season DVD!

AND I WATCHED BOTH EPISODE LOH! It was awesome, it's making me a great impression that Gossip Girl Season 3 is going to be fun great fun great and cool! (Confession: I didn't buy the Gossip Girl ssn 3 DVDs yet, I'm watching it on YouTube hihihi how nice is youtube?

But I've lost Episode 1 "Reversals Of Fortune". Maybe the account owner has deleted it idk. But I still found Episode 2 "The Freshmen" and watched it yesterday midnight. And it's very very very cool, the bad thing is that Georgina's back.

And here's a little picture from Episode 2: The Freshmen.
I'm starting to like V! Even tho I didn't like her on season 1 and 2
College Party that G threw
B as a Freshmen

And maybe that's it for my first post. Oh! One more thing, here's a picture saying that Jenny or (Not-so-little-anymore) J is being the Queen.

ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS? Excited and can't wait to watch that episode grrr.

Xoxo, you know you love me.

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