hey guys,

This is my official blog. Well at first i made this blog because of my friends. blogging seems fun. Because you can post your stories, artworks, favourite music and videos, or even your random talk about your day or telling stories about your personal life. You know (?) And I'm lazy to speak english all the time so maybe sometimes Imma use mix languages, okay peeps?

Yes…. Maybe you’ll see the poetic side of me. Okay! Have fun people.

Do I need introduction? Oh… just in case you need to know! ;)


B logging is one of my hobbies. But of course I’m not over-addicted to it!

I love barbie, sesame street, gossip girl, hanging out, dinner, movies, etc.

N ever get enough of Chocolates. for me, they’re drugs :p

A High Schooler, I’m 14 now and I’m so can’t wait for my super sweet Seventeen.


If you see the begging letters from up to down. You’ll see my nickname. It’s Bina! Haha how silly my first introduction is. But you can call me whatever you like. And maybe that’s it for first introduction? Kay. Have fun people ♥

Ok sebenernya gw udah posting sana sini cuman kemaren gw delete semua post gw. because i think i (kinda) don't like what i've been posting. so let's start with a new blank page here. nice to know you. And maybe that's it for my first introduction. Get to know me by reading my blog people. Selamat membaca!

p.s sorry for the grammatical errors you might see. I'm still learning this and hopes that it'll get better and better ;p


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