Finished exam.

goodbye stress face, thick books, and no full-time-playing.

I just passed my exam.
Guess what?! It was really really really hard, especially on biology, ngasal all base.
Well not all the exams are hard but it really is a tuff challenge. On high school everything seems so different...and tuff.
- your time to finish the exam is about 1-1,5 hour, only.
- there are 2-3 people who guards your class
- we sit alone in every different wide table
everytime I look at my friend or wtv, the guard always looks at me (it depends on the guard, is he nice or not)
So Different From Junior High School.

But, goodbye books! (for now) this is just the begging exams. Not to mention the upcoming exams that will 'eat' more and more books, gw harus mulai nyicil dari sekarang.

Wish me luck, pray for me so I get good scores!
dan ngga dapet semester pendek ;p

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