Pixie Lott

Maybe y'all have heard me talking about Katy Perry too often. Cause she's just so cool and you can't get enough, rite?
No Katy Perry for once (maybe, just once) I want to post something about the awesome-ness about this "high-tech" girl at music.

It's Pixie Lott.
I love her style, it's unique and electric.

You gotta love her.

Definiton of Gorgeous.
Oh, and don't forget to listen to her newest record.

Her latest album "Turn It Up"

By the way, speaking of my everyday life, seriously I'm really really busy with the thing called: School! So many activities. And you know what, don't call me crazy, but on Monday, I will had an exam test called UTS. And I'm still blogging? Real nice! It's not because I'm a blog freak or something but it's because I'm in the mood for blogging and posting something. I've learned a few of the subjects, and I must have this motto for this week;

I ❤ School Learning Teachers Science ☺ (»this is my motto for next week's exams, complete nerd!)

(copied from my Twitter, follow me!)

Wish me luck on my exams :)


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